Riserva Speciale Beans 1000gm

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BOASI RISERVA SPECIALE  is a refined blend of 100% Arabica , coming from the best plantations in Brazil, located in regions favorable for coffee cultivation. Boasi is a mild, aromatic and fragrant coffee blend designed for true connoisseurs, and also appreciated by professional baristas and ideally suited for use in gastronomy. They are designed for the most demanding coffee shops and coffee gourmets with a sublime taste. A highly valued  trademark , excellent quality  packaging  and, finally,  excellent coffee  make up a world-class product. All blends were created based on  the study of consumer preferences  and adaptation to their needs. The products are packaged in triple-bonded aluminium, sealed under pressure, in the  “Aroma Saver” system. 

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Caffe Boasi is an elite coffee made in Italy. The company was founded in 1930 in the heart of Italy. Brand experts pay special attention to product quality, careful selection of coffee beans and roast level. As a result, the customer gets aromatic and tasty blends for preparing an exquisite drink. The brand uses high-quality coffee beans from the best plantations in America and Central Asia to make blends. The company honors the tradition of roasting coffee beans using a unique processing technology. A wide assortment and selection of varieties can satisfy even the most biased buyer. A cup of this aromatic drink will cheer you up even on the most cloudy day.
Quality standards include:

  • The Italian company pays close attention to technological expertise. The control of humidity and color of finished products is carried out; tests and tastings are carried out by professional experts. The best selected coffee beans are sent for packing.


  • Caffe Boasi coffee products amaze with the variety of taste and sophistication of aroma. For the production of blends, coffee beans from plantations located in different climatic zones are used. Each individual blend is the result of the work of many professionals.


  • Boasi products are manufactured in Italy in compliance with technical standards. A professional approach to roasting beans allows you to add refinement of aroma and richness of taste to the drink. Several reasons why it is worth buying coffee in Nespresso capsules or other products of TM Caffe Boasi:


  • High quality of the raw materials used.
  • Refined aroma, richness of flavors.
  • A wide range of products.