Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4000ml

৳ 3,485.00


First cold pressed is the only true way to make delicious high purity extra virgin olive oil which is found in Sabroso Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Producers of low-quality olive oils will press their olives multiple times at high heats. This kind of extraction approach yields more oil out of the olives. However, this process also destroys a lot of the nutrition in the olives and creates a lower quality olive oil. Manufacturers who take this approach are looking to sell an inferior and cheaper product to generate higher profits. They are not focused on creating the best olive oil for consumers.

Olive oil that is created the right way, first cold pressed, has a flavor and texture difference you’ll notice. The flavors, aroma, and nutrition are so much more alive when the olives are first cold pressed. The natural earthiness and richness enlivens the food you put it on in such a way that lower quality olive oils just can’t do. Also, olive oil that’s first cold pressed maintains the most antioxidants. Therefore it offers the greatest health benefits to you.


Sabroso Extra virgin olive oil comes from the hills of Cordoba / Seville. It is characterized by its soft taste, absence of bitterness, with the fruitiness of the almond. It is clean to the mouth and appetizing, with a potent flavor in the meals thanks to its fruitiness.