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Greetings from Beans n Berries.

Beans n Berries is the exclusive distributor and a one stop solution, we offer the following product and services:

Monin – Monin is more than a drinks solution, it’s a way of living, an experience based on our centenary expertise, a brand respectful of the environment. It’s about authenticity and gathering people, using only the best natural ingredients in the most exciting and creative way. We carry more than 130 flavours. Monin is not only HALAL but also does NOT have glycerin, artificial food colouring. Its 100% cane sugar, vegan, non GMO and natural e.g. fruit mix, syrups, sauces , frappe powder. I can also provide a list of all Monin products as we have a variety of flavours.

Sabroso – Sabroso Extra virgin olive oil and Pomace comes from the hills of Cordoba / Seville. It is characterised by its soft taste, absence of bitterness, with the fruitiness of the almond. It is clean to the mouth and appetising, with a potent flavour in the meals thanks to its fruitiness. The olive oil helps the normal function of the digestive system reducing to minimum the chances of ulcer creation and the other relative diseases, not to mention that is the best natural medicament for the fight against constipation. So this the best product for good health.

Grante – Grante juice is a “vitamin bomb” free of sugar, colourants and preservatives. Pro-duced from the pomegranates of Geokchay district in Azerbaijan. The pomegranates are grown and cultivated in ecologically rich areas, giving it the recognition as one of the best pomegranate sources. With the addition of cherries and grapes are rich sources of antioxidants, it touches your palette with fresh accents and the perfect combination of winter berries. Pomegranates contain minimal number of calories compared to its beneficial properties, and the juice works like a vita-min cocktail of vitamin C, P and B. They also aid in controlling high blood pressure, improves mood and boosts health.

La Molisana Pasta – From the pristine lands of Molise came La Molisana Pasta Factory, founded by the Carlone family as an artisanal workshop. Everything is grown from the family line e.g. wheat is grown in their own farm. It is a family owned business. Within just a few dec-ades, it cemented itself as a leader in the field of durum wheat pasta production thanks to the ex-cellent quality of its product. The worrying trend concerning the rise in cases of obesity – espe-cially in children – has prompted La Molisana to promote a programme of nutritional educa-tion based on the Mediterranean Diet, named an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010. eg: La Nostro Cubettata, Rustica and Pelati are available at our location at RM Centre Gulshan or you can place an order through our website.

Arabica Coffee Beans – Arabica coffee is a type of coffee made from the beans of the Coffea arabica plant. Arabica originated in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia and is the most popular kind of coffee worldwide – making up 60% or more of coffee production in the world. High-quality Arabica coffee has a milder taste with interesting, layered, and complex notes of sugar, fruit, and berries. Their acidity is slight or pleasant and the taste is bitter. The sweet taste may have hints of nuts, chocolate, or caramel and flavour varies depending upon the area of cultivation. The health benefits include: it naturally holds caffeine, it is rich in phyto-nutrients and antioxidants, it packs useful vitamins and minerals, it is a great source of elec-trolytes and hydration and it also aids in weight loss. We roast our coffee beans at our studio to get the perfect aroma and taste.

Rocket Expresso Milano – Rocket Espresso produces the finest espresso machines in the tradition of ‘Fatto a Mano’ translated to, ‘made by hand’. The craftsmen produce both premi-um domestic and commercial espresso machines, beautifully made with meticulous care and at-tention to detail. More importantly, Rocket Espresso machines will deliver the finest espresso in the cup, time after time. Their Fausto grinder brings all the features and functionality professional baristas love to the kitchen, but in a more compact form. Equipped with commercial-quality 65 mm flat burrs, FAUSTO grinds quickly and accurately with easy to dial in step less grinding, which allows for total control over the particle grind size. The touch digital display with shot counter and programmable dual control buttons allows for quick adjustments and effortless por-tion control. We have both commercial and residential blenders.

Blendtec – There’s a reason Blendtec is called “The World’s Most Advanced Blender.” With technology to make blending simpler and more effective, Blendtec is the ultimate tool for helping you “Feed Your Passion.” We have both commercial and residential blenders.

MARSBERRY “MAIA” Capsule Coffee Machine – This is a product under our company “Beans n Berries.” Nowadays, there are various types of coffee makers available in the market. Our capsule-based brewing machines are the ultimate in making delicious, convenient coffee and it may be the perfect fit for you too. e.g.time saving, low cost, convenient, high quality. Pur-chase our capsule coffee machine today and indulge yourself into a cup of coffee that makes you feel good.

We provide home delivery service. And, as a part of our service, we also provide Mocktails for private events and parties.

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